About Hualapai Transit

Hualapai Transit will provide safe, reliable, friendly and affordable transportation services to meet the mobility needs of the Hualapai Community and surrounding areas while pursuing sustainable development and facilitating the cultural missions of the Peach Springs community.  


Hualapai Transit is committed to openness and integrity. Hualapai Transit supports the Hualapai Tribes commitment to support the independence of Hualapai Tribal members & surrounding areas and to be a model for excellence by integrating the local spirit and culture.  

In December 2014, the Hualapai Tribal Council approved a Long Range transportation Plan (LRTP) funded by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Planning Assistance for Rural Areas Program. The plan identified both transportation and transit needs for the Hualapai Tribe. Public outreach was an important aspect of the study and included the following activities:

  • A presentation to the Hualapai Tribal Council on April 7, 2015 to provide an overview of the transit feasibility study.
  • A mobile open house that coincided with Earth Day activities on May 1, 2015.
  • A booth at the Route 66 Fun Run event in Peach Springs on May 2, 2015.
  • Display boards and surveys presented at the Cinco de Mayo lunch at the Hualapai Senior Center on May 4th, 2015.
  • Display boards presented at the Hualapai Housing Fair on June 19th, 2015.
  • A presentation to Tribal Council on November 9th to present the Transit Service Plan for adoption.
  • Periodic news articles about the study in the Gam’Yu newsletter.
  • A community transit survey was conducted and was distributed at many of the events above.

In addition to the public outreach, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was established and meets once every quarter. In 2016 the Hualapai Tribe applied for federal funding and received approximately $525K for start up of Transit services. In August 2016 two employees were hired with the following objectives:

  • Implement transit services beginning with a daily inter-city commuter, twice weekly inter-city shopping service, and an intra-city circulator.
  • Design and maintain routes and schedules that are most responsive to the unmet needs of Tribal Members.
  • Develop policies and procedures that are responsive to potential riders; meet federal, tribal, and state requirements, and provide a safe and comfortable experience for riders and drivers.
  • Assure the Hualapai Transit program operates in a fiscally responsible and compliant manner that assures long-term sustainability.
  • Hire and train professional staff to be aware of and responsive to riders, their needs, rights, and to their safety and comfort.

Tribal Council appointed Public Services as the management entity for Hualapai Transit and considered contracting out all, or a portion of, new services to a qualified transportation operator however the Transit program with Council approval bypassed that option.
Transit Services for the Hualapai community start operations in February 2017.

For more information on the Hualapai Tribe please visit hualapai-nsn.gov